During week six of the Partnership to Success Program, I set up the social media sharing icons on my blog, allowing an easy way for people to share my posts on social media.

I also linked my social media accounts to my blog.

After 6 weeks in the Partnership to Success Program I realized:

  • I have an authority site online.
  • I am a blogger.
  • I am building a list.
  • I have a real online presence.
  • The future already looks bright.

    4 replies to "Partnership to Success Week Six – Getting Started With Social Media"

    • Graham Forrest

      Hi Linda,

      It’s a fantastic feeling once your social media posts start to be shared. It takes a while for any momentum to build up, so everyone should just keep posting and not look at the numbers too much. Keep adding to your content, post to social media regularly and eventually everything starts to build up.
      Most of all, don’t expect instant results. It takes time to get things moving – 3 to 6 months, maybe longer. But as long as folks keep at it, the results will come. 🙂

      • Linda

        Thank you for your comment Graham. The fact that one should not expect instant results in this business is so true. A positive mindset and patience are so important!

    • Ian


      Love your site. I like the look and feel of it. I like the colours. That “site appeal” is so important.
      My site looks boring by contrast. One issue I have is that I am colour blind but you are giving me ideas. I will have to get them checked out by my partner. She has good design and colour sense.

      You are obviously mastering it.

      The way you chart your progress through the weeks in a logical manner is something I may pick up on.
      So far I have been a little bit random.
      All the best and great success.

      • Linda

        Thank you for your encouraging words Ian, I am glad you got some new ideas from visiting my blog. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts and seeing how your blog evolves. All of the best!

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