I started with the Partnership to Success Mentorship Program at the beginning of April 2019 after attending a webinar that John Thornhill hosted.

It is a 52-week coaching program where John works with you personally to build an online business.

As we all know the fastest and easiest way to become successful at anything in life is to closely follow someone who is already successful and then model everything that they do – this is what the Partnership to Success Mentorship Program is all about.

Overview of the Program

Phase 1 – Building an Online Presence

  • Laying the foundations
  • Improving blog appearance
  • List building phase 1
  • Essential blogging techniques
  • Blog networking
  • Getting started with social media
  • Monetizing your blog
  • List building phase 2

Phase 2 – Product Creation

  • Niche selection part 1
  • Niche selection part 2
  • Essential research
  • Mind mapping your product
  • Naming your product
  • Product creation software
  • Begin product creation
  • Creating video
  • Creating video continued
  • Creating audio
  • Main product completion
  • Upsells and sales funnels

Phase 3 – Your Members Area

  • Members area basics
  • Adding video to your members area
  • Adding other content to your members area
  • Your welcome page
  • Setting up a support desk

Phase 4 – Sales Page Creation

  • Sales letter ABC
  • Seven steps to selling
  • Sales page setup
  • Writing your sales page

Phase 5 – The Rest of Your Site

  • Protecting your content
  • Adding products to JV Zoo
  • Creating your JV page
  • Completing your JV page
  • Reviewing your product
  • Launching your product

Phase 6 – Post Launch Profits

  • The evergreen model
  • Evergreen promotions

Phase 7 – Advanced Tactics

  • Email marketing tactics
  • Super Affiliate tactics
  • Super Affiliate case study
  • The relaunch model
  • Relaunch case study

Phase 8 – Wash Rinse Repeat

  • Your next launch and beyond
  • Getting big-ticket commissions


You can visit www.autosalesandsuccess.com  to attend John’s free webinar on product creation.


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