If you’ve been following my previous posts in this series on how to start a blog, you now have a basic install of WordPress at your domain name.

To update your blog settings, you need to log in to your WordPress admin panel at www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin with the username and password you’ve set when installing WordPress at your domain name.

When you are in your WordPress admin area, see if any updates need to be done (in this screenshot of my admin area, 5 updates need to be done). Just click on Updates and do the updates required. It is important to check for this each time you log in to your admin area.

Now click on Settings:

You can leave all of the settings as is, except for the Permalinks. Click on Permalinks and make sure to select the Post Name option.

We select the Post Name permalink setting because it is good for Search Engine Optimization.

This is the only important update you have to do for now.

In my next post, we will be talking about how to write your first blog post.


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