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D9 Hosting is the only hosting company my mentor, John Thornhill, recommends. He has been a very successful online marketer for over 15 years now, so you can be sure he knows what he’s talking about.

John knows the two owners, Dan Thompson and Paula Brett, personally. Back in 2007, they saw a need for people who were marketing online who needed a hosting package that was dedicated to online marketers. They were aware of the fact that the big hosting companies don’t care that much and wanted to create something better.

Imagine you’ve got two hours to go to your very first product launch, hundreds of affiliates are going to promote your product, and then your website goes down! If you are with one of the big hosting companies, you have reason to panic, because you are just another number.

With D9 Hosting, however, if something ever goes wrong, you have a direct line to people who understand what you do. You’ve got that personal connection to your web host – you won’t get this with any other web host provider out there.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Once you’ve bought your domain name (I discussed how to do that in my previous post), go to the D9 website here.

You will see the following page, click on Hosting and then on Shared Web Hosting.

Select the D9 Max Package.

When you click to order the D9 Max package, you will get the option to select the D9 Max+ package, which will enable your website to load quicker and get higher search engine rankings. I would recommend selecting this package.

On the next screen, choose I will use my existing domain and put the domain name you bought in the space, then click use.

You will now see this screen. You have different Billing Cycle Options (I usually choose the monthly option). Be sure to check the Dedicated IP Address option as well, as it is recommended for SSL Certificates. You can learn more about SSL Certificates at this post of mine.

Now you can continue to the checkout page and pay (any special discounts that D9 are running at the time of your purchase will be applied automatically).

You will receive an email from D9 with your new account information and login details.


Congratulations, your domain is now registered and hosted with the best hosting company on the planet!




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