Hi, I’m Linda. Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog to document my journey of building an online business.

After reading the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert  T. Kiyosaki a few years ago, I knew I had to start my own business with the potential of creating a passive income. As a result, I considered various options and decided to look into the possibility of earning an income online.

With this intention in mind, I started to read books on online marketing, followed famous online marketers to see what they suggest to become successful in this field and even bought a few courses on the subject. Even though I learned a great deal, I couldn’t quite grasp how to put all the moving parts together to build a solid business that I could be proud of.

And then it hit me – I needed a mentor.

And as the saying goes, “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear” – I learned about John Thornhill’s mentorship program and was fortunate to be able to join the program.

My purpose with this blog is to share what I do to build my online business. Follow me, I’ll document everything I do and I’ll let you know what works and what doesn’t work.

P.S. On a more personal note, I am a South African-Canadian, living on an acreage near Saskatoon. I have an honors degree in Industrial Psychology from North-West University (SA), I am married to an awesome husband (24 years and counting), I have an amazing son, I am vegan, absolutely LOVE animals and have more pets than most people.